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Our most recent show from Long Island, New York

Dear Bryan & Kim,
     Your performance of "The Magic of Reading" at our school this week was absolutely amazing.  The children as well as the teachers were truly astounded at the performance.  Our school librarian has now had a run on magic books.  The children are still talking about how you and Kim changed places in the wooden box with all the padlocks on it.  Thanks so much for a wonderful and motivating performance.

          Madeline Montone,  Principal Michael F. Stokes School, Levittown, NY



School Assembly Programs 


These are suitable for Elementary Schools as whole school assembly programs.  The message is delivered by Magical Entertainer Bryan Flint in a way the students can understand, while being entertained at the same time.  A unique blend of magic, humor, and factual information will make a lasting impression on the students! 

While a 45-minute program such as "the Magic of Reading" won't teach children to read, it is intended to focus on MOTIVATING them to want to read.   The other programs, such as "Don't Be Fooled By Drugs," "Stranger Danger," and "Fire Safety" actually do teach students how to prepare for real-life situations.  All messages are delivered in an entertaining, motivating manner. 

"Bryan Flint's Magic & Fun Show" is simply a "FUN" magic show, suitable for those strictly "FUN" times at your school.  These might include end-of-year parties, field days, family fun nights, fundraisers, and school fairs.  Although the "Magic & Fun Show" does not try to impart a specific message, wholesome ideas involving "trying your best" and self-esteem are always a part of any of Bryan's shows! 

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Grades 2-7

Learn good habits and make better choices.

Grades PK -3 
Who are strangers and how to stay away from them.   

Grades K-6  
Motivates students to want to read.    

Grades K-6 
More fun than watching TV.

Grades K-6
October is Fire Safety Month

"The Magic of Reading"

For Children's Libraries & Schools

Family entertainer Bryan Flint of Showtime Productions in Connecticut, will magically motivate young people to want to read after experiencing "The Magic of Reading" program.

Mr. Flint travels all over southern New England presenting his unique 45-minute magic shows that inspire children to expand their horizons by discovering the magic that exists in books.    

                     This program entertainingly demonstrates that through reading a wide variety of books, we can travel through time and space by unlocking the power of our imaginations. With the creative use of magical routines and illusions, the audience is encouraged to turn toward reading books as the best route to having a successful and rewarding life.

Highlights of the show are the floating of an audience member and a re-creation of Houdiniís most famous illusion, "Metamorphosis."

"Bryan  incorporated the theme of books and reading throughout his exciting performance.  Everyone loved it, fascinating kids that ranged from pre-school to third grade. No other event in the series came close to this one's success in drawing families back to school at night. It was our best year!"
-Jim Bowman, Elementary Library Services, Enfield (CT) Public Schools

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Library Program ideas

  • Bryan Flintís Magic Show is highly recommended for your next family-oriented library function.
  • Great for family nights, Saturday matinees, and summer reading programs.
  • The program helps motivate children to become avid readers.
  • Summer reading themes are incorporated into the show.
  • Can be used as a kick-off, to sustain interest or as a finale to your program.
  • Consider co-sponsoring the event with the local Park & Rec. Dept, Cultural Arts Committee or local business(es) to help defray the costs.
  • Can be performed inside or out, depending on the weather.
  • The local Press will be able to take great audience participation photos creating positive community public relations and exposure for your library and services.

"The Magic of Reading" is one of Flintís "Magical Messages." Other shows include; "Donít Be Fooled By Drugs", "The Magic Recipe to Success", and "The Fire Safety Show." These shows are geared toward Elementary age students.

Magic Workshop

Our magical entertainer will conduct a presentation followed by a question and answer session that will enthrall students and discuss:

  • the history of the Art of Magic

  • famous magicians

  • types of magic

  • props &  wardrobe

  • how to present a magic show for students, by students

  • techniques to optimize Showmanship

                    Family Fun Nights    

Bryan Flint Magical Entertainment
The whole family will have a great time!

Imagination Station
Musical entertainment, audience participation 

Magical DJ
A magic show for the entire audience...Then, music to dance to, including all-time favorites with participation fun, such as the Limbo, Twist, Hula Hoop Contest, the Chicken Dance, the Macarena, and more! 

School Fairs 

 Halloween Parties    

Field days


Showtime Productions is here to answer any questions you might have in planning your next event.  If we can supply what you need, you can be sure of it's quality and value.  If we don't have what you need we can recommend another reputable source.  Please contact us via telephone or e-mail for assistance.




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